Booking Info

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    Call us at (989) 895-5193 or e-mail us at to check for available dates and times. We’ll tentatively reserve your requested dates and give you 10 business days to finalize your reservation with a 50% deposit and signed agreement.

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    Customize your Science Under Sail program by selecting from our menu of module options spanning e-STEM areas of focus.

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    Take advantage of exclusive access to pre- and post-program activities and content in the Teacher Resources section of our website. In-class activities and content help reinforce the concepts and topics presented during your Science Under Sail program. These programs are available exclusively to groups that book Science Under Sail programs.

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    Visit our Program Itinerary page for details about the day of your trip.

Things to Remember

School Cancellation Policy

Deposits will be refunded in full for trips canceled at least 60 days prior to the scheduled program date. If cancellation is made with less than 60 days notice, all deposits will be forfeited.

BaySail Cancellation Policy Due to Weather

In the event of dangerous weather causing the cancellation of your trip (i.e., thick fog, severe thunderstorms in the area, very high winds, etc.) we will make every effort to re-schedule your program. Please note: A forecast of rain without any of the aforementioned conditions will not cause program cancellation.

If we can’t re-schedule, then we will refund your fees. As Michigan weather changes very quickly, we often are unable to accurately predict the weather until the day of the sail. We ask that you provide us with a cell phone number so we may contact the group’s leader the morning of the trip for updates on the weather and possible trip delays or cancellations.


Teachers and chaperones are expected to fully participate with the students by accompanying a particular student group throughout the educational program. Each group should have at least 1 adult chaperone boarding with it.

Chaperones should understand that this is a working field trip. We expect chaperones to listen during the instructions, help students stay focused, and set the example by listening to and following the instructions of the crew and shipboard educators.

Shipboard Behavior

It is important that your class arrive on time for pre-boarding safety instructions. Arriving 15 to 20 minutes early gives your group time to use the washrooms on shore before boarding the Appledore. Following shipboard rules is vital to a safe and successful trip.

  • Students will be directed not to run, shove or push each other while they are aboard the vessel. Horseplay can be especially dangerous while underway and will not be tolerated. In addition, we ask that you instruct students not to shout from the vessel to those on shore or in passing boats.
  • We will explain how to use the fore and aft ladders and how to properly don a life jacket.
  • Students will also be asked to notify a crew member if they need to use the bathroom so they can be given instructions on how to properly operate the “head.” There are also washrooms on shore at the dock for before and after we sail.


Safety is our primary concern. The schooners Appledore IV and Appledore V are U.S. documented vessels inspected and regulated by the U.S. Coast Guard. Both ships meet or exceed all requirements necessary for approved operation in the Great Lakes. Our ships carry safety equipment including enough life jackets for all passengers, life rafts, fire detection and extinguishing equipment, rescue gear, and electronic positioning beacons. All ship captains are licensed by the U.S. Coast Guard and are required to maintain current Red Cross first aid and CPR training. All crew receive company safety training and are subject to periodic safety drills.

Students and chaperones should always dress for the weather. Keep in mind that it’s always cooler when you’re on the water. Bring a sweatshirt or light jacket, even on a warm day. Rubber-soled shoes are required on the ships. No flip-flops, heels or spike-soled shoes are allowed. Most lessons happen on the ship’s deck with little or no shade. Sunscreen is recommended for all participants.

Food and Drink

Food and drink are not permitted aboard the Appledore tall ships. Students may bring a water bottle. No glass allowed. Gum is not allowed.