Port Visits

Upcoming Port Visits

Each year, the Appledores make a limited number of special visits to waterfront celebrations and maritime events.

A variety of programs will be offered during port visits including Science Under Sail programs for classrooms, public sailing opportunities, and private charters.

Contact us at (989) 895-5193 or info@baysailbaycity.org for more information about each port visit.

Port Visit Schedule 2023

Appledore IV

Bay City Port

  • May 19 to June 24
  • July 7 to July 15
  • August 4 to August 19
  • September 1 to September 30
  • October 1 to October 15 (Fall Color Tours)

 Tawas City Port

  • June 30 to July 4 (Fireworks Sail)
  • August 25 to August 27

 Alpena Port

  • July 21 to July 23

 Mackinac Island Port (Star Line Docks)

  • July 28 to July 29 (Bridge/Island Tours)


    May 4, 2016

    C. Williams, 2016


    Just wanted to drop a line and let you know the ‘sail away’ on Sunday evening was delightful! We were on the Appledore IV and the crew was wonderful – it was a very pleasant evening! Thanks again....

    May 4, 2016



    Great learning experience as usual. All volunteers were outstanding and students loved them. They were also very knowledgeable....