New Education Programs

Delivering a program aboard a tall ship means certain challenges must be overcome. Arguably the biggest challenge we face is the limited window of time during the sailing season that class is in session. Over the summer, our Director of Education has developed new educational program options for teachers to utilize in their classroom throughout the year. Now, BaySail can come to you!

Teachers have the option of selecting from a list of existing program modules or working directly with our Education Department to customize a STEM program that best meets the needs of their students. These new programs can be delivered in the classroom, on school grounds, or at a nearby body of water, providing more opportunities for students to explore the natural world around them. Explore all of our programs here!

Classroom & Land-Based Programs

Grades: Pre K-12
Time: 3 hours (can be split into multiple sessions)
Accommodations & Cost: $100 + Mileage, Approximately 30 students recommended per session.

Contact Autumn Mitchell, Director of Education, at (989) 895-5193 or for more information.